Hightstown Medical Associates
Dr. Lubin's Farewell Message

On the occasion of Dr. Lubin's retirement, he has prepared this statement:
The last 35 years have been great and have passed so quickly. Taking care of my patients has been the greatest honor of my life. When I started out in 1986, being a physician was what I did; somewhere along the way it became what I am. That makes it so much harder to depart. The fact that so many of you have entrusted your healthcare to me is very humbling. I have enjoyed the experience and will undoubtedly miss it and miss all of you. Reading the cards you have sent, and the messages you have posted here, has had my wife in tears on multiple occasions.

But it is time to move on to other endeavors. I am sure I will manage to keep myself busy with the various activities in which I have been involved over the years. And my granddaughter will likely consume increasing blocks of my time. We plan to remain in the community for the foreseeable future, so I am sure I will run into many of you at the movies, restaurants or other activities. Retiring is bittersweet, but I leave confident that Dr. Yadav will fill my shoes admirably and that you will not feel that your care has changed. I hope all of you remain well for many years to come. And I am so grateful for the well-wishes and thoughts you have sent. Thank you so very much.

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