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Serving the communities of East and West Windsor, Hightstown, Plainsboro, Cranbury,
Robbinsville, Hamilton, Hamilton Square, Monroe, Princeton and Lawrenceville for more than 50 years

Hank Lubin, MD   •   Kristyn Phelps, MD
Danielle Daab, RN, FNP-BC   •   Nicole Mitchell, RN, FNP-BC
Julius S. Richter, MD, FACP, Emeritus   •   James A. Robin, MD, Emeritus

Welcome GIF Welcome to the website for Hightstown Medical Associates, a primary care internal medicine practice. The physicians of Hightstown Medical Associates are all board certified internists, specialists in the care of adult patients. We care for patients from age 18 through adulthood. When medical conditions outside of our specialty arise (such as pregnancy or the need for surgery), we coordinate care with these specialists to assure that our patients' needs are met. To learn more about us, browse through the links on the left or visit our office (directions are on the Travel Directions Page). Welcome!


HMA News

COVID-19 Vaccine -- Register for your vaccine -- January 5, 2021
Two COVID vaccines are now approved in the US, with more coming (2-4 more in the next month or two). If you would like to get yours, you should register NOW. There are a number of places you can register; start with the state site, but then go to the other sites as well as this is not a well-coordinated system. For out of county sites, you may be rejected as a non-resident (possibly not until you show up for your appointment). Appointments open at unpredictable times and often fill very quickly, so keep trying. Here is the list of sites:

NJ Site
State list of sites state-wide <== This is a comprehensive list of megasites and by-county sites
Princeton Healthcare System <== Not shown on the state-wide list (!?)
Atlantic Health
Hackensack Meridian
RWJ Barnabas

If you learn of other options, please let us know and we will add them.

CoronaVirus Information -- March 24, 2020
Rather than re-invent the wheel, we thought we would provide you some links to help you find information on the Coronavirus and COVID-19. But we would like to point out one thing: the number of patients infected will ultimately turn out to be much larger than the numbers you are seeing. This is because we have only been testing symptomatic patients and the evidence suggests that 85+% of infected persons are asymptomatic or only mildly symptomatic. So, until we have widespread testing to see who has been infected and not counted so far, I suggest you look at the Global Data link and compare countries by the Deaths Per Million Population column to see how the US compares to other countries. So here are the links:

: UPenn
: CDC - protecting yourself
: CDC - cases in the US
: CDC - evaluating & testing

: US Data in real time
: Global data
: WHO Situation Reports (update daily at noon)
: For comparison, some influenza numbers in the US this season

Happy Birthday HMA -- January 2, 2019
1969 was a momentous year. Sure, there was that "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" moon walk. And a bunch of musicians got together in the mud at Woodstock. The US Air Force officially ended its investigation into UFOs. ARPANET was launched, the predecessor to the Internet. The Boeing 747 and the Concord made their first flights. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (movie), The Godfather (book) and Abbey Road (Beatles last album) released. The Miracle Mets win the World Series and Willie Mays becomes the first MLB player since Babe Ruth to hit 600 home runs (without steroids!). And a whole bunch of famous people were born. But the really momentous event of 1969 was the formation of Hightstown Medical Associates. This year is our 50th Anniversary. A lot has happened over those years, including our becoming part of the University of Pennsylvania Health System for the second time. So party on in our honor. And say Happy Birthday when you are in the office!

Now we are Penn Medicine (Again!) -- January 1, 2019
With the start of 2019, and the merger of the Princeton Healthcare System into the University of Pennsylvania Healthcare System, we are once again* Penn Medicine!

Our official name is now Penn Medicine Princeton Medicine Physicians - Hightstown Medical Associates, but we are the same HMA you have known since 1969. We have the same address and phone number, and the same commitment to your care that you have always known. But now we have access to all of the resources of the Penn Health System, including their world-renowned specialists. And, since we are on PennChart, the Penn implementation of Epic, we share records with Penn and any Princeton Medicine Physician you see. Or any other care you receive by an Epic doc nationally!

* We were part of Penn from 1995-2000 - life goes full circle!

Nicole Mitchell joins HMA -- July 1, 2018
Nicole joined HMA upon the retirement of Ginger Azarchi in 2018.

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